2NE1 and Jeremy Scott for Nylon Magazine.

Favorite MVs: “Clap Your Hands” (2NE1). 박수 쳐 (투애니원).

DAY 5 → Edit of your OTP: CHAERA


“Really though, what you need most at those times is a good friend. That no matter what happens, a friend will be on your side and will stand by you. I want to be more like a good big sister to CL and Minzy. Even if I can be of assistance in the slightest way, I want to be a good friend to Bom, too. I hope we can support and encourage one another to the next level.” - Dara


Dara: Is this the moment where a magnification of CL-roo’s pajamas, which show off her pelvis, is to appear? So sexy! Oh look at her sexiness everyone! C to the L!

CL: Oh is this being filmed?

Dara: Wow! So sexy!

2NE1 pairings : CHAERA :”The Maried Couple”


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